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We provide top quality to our valued customers. Due to its excellent reliability and flawless implementation, the offered service is highly valued by our clients. Our professionals supervise sheet metal cutting, bending, and shaping while employing top-notch machinery and cutting-edge technologies. Our experts thoroughly review all the stages involved and carry them out efficiently. Additionally, our valued consumers can take advantage of the offered service at affordable costs.

In contrast to traditional sheet metal shops, we have endless capacity and an easy-to-use online quoting system, so whether you need one item or 500, we’ll reliably supply it on time. You can also use our staff of skilled engineers to improve part designs. Santech sheet metal will shorten your production cycle and help you launch goods more quickly.

Sheet Metal Shaping

We offer sheet metal shaping services to create sheet metal parts. The automated cutting and shaping operations ensure the high precision and quality of the finished products. Any component may undergo post-processing, including coatings, heat treatment, and other procedures, upon your request. 

sheet metal shaping
metal sheet bending

Sheet Metal Bending

A popular way to shape stainless components, alloy steels, aluminum, and other metals into the desired shape is by folding or bending sheet metal. The final shape of an item is achieved with a press brake. It’s crucial to keep in mind that bending happens after cutting. This is why we employ highly advanced German design technology to get the work done.

Sheet Metal Cutting

At Santech Sheet Metal, we offer Cold mechanical sheet metal cutting best suited for large production volumes. Blanking, which can produce both semi-finished and finished goods, relies on the joint action of a die and a punch that pierces the sheet. Our skilled employees’ unwavering assistance and earnest efforts allow us to offer our customers the highest caliber sheet metal cutting service. Our specialists provide this sheet metal cutting service per our customers’ needs. 

Sheet metal cutting

Sheet Metal Prototyping

Before moving on to full-scale production, sheet metal prototyping enables manufacturers to construct and test working prototypes of their products. To assist our customers in producing prototypes of their products fast and accurately, Santech Sheet Metal is outfitted with cutting-edge CNC punching and laser cutting machines, as well as cutting-edge bending, fabrication, and assembly equipment. We can produce prototypes in several materials and finishes, including powder coating, thanks to our flexible prototyping capabilities, enabling our customers to test their products in various environments. We can also meet short deadlines, enabling our customers to receive their prototypes promptly and effectively. After prototyping, we may go on to pilot production, allowing us to help our clients perfect their products and ensure they’re prepared for large-scale manufacturing.

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Cutting, stamping, rolling, bending, stretching, and welding are a few of the techniques we use to manipulate sheet metal and create the products our customers need. Our facility is equipped with sheet metal brakes, shears, rollers, presses, and CNC tables for cutting and forming sheet metal.

The evaluation of the delivery time depends on the type of product you need and the completion of the drawing information. The more detailed information we have, the more quickly we enter the manufacturing process. After confirmation, we need about 2~4weeks for production.