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Defibrillator Trolley (Monitor Stand)

The Defibrillator Trolley (Monitor Stand) from Santech Sheet Metals is a long-lasting and beneficial answer to address medical facilities’ needs. This trolley’s strong creation and well-idea-out design make it easy to move in the area in which it is needed. Defibrillator pads, leads and other important elements can all be stored in lots of storage at the Defibrillator Trolley (Monitor Stand). The roomy storage sections guarantee that the equipment needed is always close at hand, speeding up reaction times in emergencies.

The corrosion-resistant Defibrillator Trolley (Monitor Stand) and the powder-coated MS Defibrillator Trolley (Monitor Stand) give healthcare providers options to meet specific operating and environmental requirements. The Santech Sheet Metal Defibrillator Trolley (Monitor Stand) is a solid option for medical facilities looking for a useful and dependable way to store and access defibrillators and monitors.


Improved health care

Created to improve patient care by providing a convenient location for medical supplies and equipment.

Customization options

We offer the option for customization in order to specifically meet the requirements of our customers.

Robust materials

We build our goods using durable materials to ensure long-lasting functionality.

Easily maintained

The flat and smooth surface ensures a sanitary environment for patients and staff.

Unbeatable Selection Of Materials For Medical Furnishings

Santech Sheet Metal is pleased to provide a wide range of products for the fabrication of medical furniture. We are committed to offering our customers the greatest solutions for their unique needs, and we recognise that different materials have a variety of varied traits and characteristics. Our team of skilled engineers and technicians can assist you in selecting the material that is most appropriate for your particular application from among our collection of materials, which also includes stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, and more.

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Defibrillator Trolley (Monitor Stand)

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