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Aluminum Corus Shell (For HF X-Ray)

Santech Sheet Metal introduces the Aluminum Corus Shell, an exceptional add-on designed to enhance the operation and performance of HF X-ray equipment. Crafted from sturdy aluminium, this shell provides a robust outer layer, offering an additional layer of defence against potential harm and environmental elements. The precisely designed Corus Shell seamlessly fits onto HF X-ray equipment, adding durability and protection. The Laser Cut Body in 3 mm Al and 12.4 mm thick Al Top Plate, machined from 16 mm thick Al sheet, ensures a precise and durable solution. The dimensions, customisable as per client PCB and other requirements, guarantee a perfect fit for the HF X-ray machine. In healthcare settings where diagnostic equipment reliability is paramount, the Aluminum Corus Shell serves as an invaluable addition, ensuring that HF X-ray machines operate optimally and have an extended lifespan.

Laser Cut Body in 3 mm Al and 12.4 mm thick Al Top Plate machined from 16 mm thick Al Sheet. Dimensions: (Internal) L 320 -3 -3 = 314 mm x W 147 -3 -3 = 141 mm x Inside Height 236.5 mm. We provide customisation options as per client PCB and other requirements.


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