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The Modular Display Racking Solutions For Your Business

We are recognised as a top manufacturer and supplier of display racks. We have grocery racks, fruit and vegetable racks, clothes racks, and other display racks. Our team of professionals created them using top-notch materials. Our products are employed in various storage businesses across all industries because of their extensive features and standards.

For many years, Santech Sheet Metal provided services to numerous industries in the public, semi-public, and private sectors all around the nation. The Company has gained recognition for taking on such projects on a turnkey basis, including the planning, erection, and installation of Display and Storage Racks and all industrial fabrication types.

Leading Manufacturers And Suppliers Of Custom Retail Display Racks In India

A broad selection of display racks in modular designs for various store purposes.

Advantages & Key Benefits

Our retail shelving and racking systems are ideal to be used by retailers. These offer a remarkable answer to your display rack challenge because they are customisable, easy to install, and fix. We provide affordable, modular racking solutions that need minimal maintenance proving their endurance.


Solid structure

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Can be assembled easily






Easy to dismantle & relocate

Our Products

We offer you a broad assortment¬†of display racks that are tailored to each retailer’s demands.

MS Supermarket Display Rack

We provide a variety of supermarket display racks in high demand in the toy, gift, stationery, pharmacy, and other retail establishments.

Fruit & Vegetable Rack

We provide eye-catching fruit and vegetable display racks with a modular design, the ideal ergonomy, and cutting-edge technology.

Gondola Rack

These Double-Sided Display Racks come in cold roll steel and other options like wood and are made of high-quality materials that last many years.

Departmental Store Rack

We manufacture display racks in various shapes, sizes, and measurements, using mild, HR, and CR steel, through unique & complex technologies.

Clothing Display Rack

These racks feature adequate shelves to hold the full range of clothing in a suitable way. And consumers laud them for their superior polish and durability.

Wall Display Rack

These Wall Display Racks are recognised for their spaciousness, superb design, great finish, and ease of cleaning.

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If you intend to purchase display racks for your store, you probably must have some doubts about them. Find your answers here.

The Retail Display Racks from Santech Sheet Metal can be built in a variety of sizes and configurations depending on the needs and specifications of the space. We create display systems on-demand using a variety of uprights, beam profiles, shelving, and accessories.

While we have a large selection of display racks for supermarkets, the installation process is indeed dependent on a number of factors, including the size of the facility and the type of rack system that is to be installed.