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High Quality Cantilever Storage Racks Manufacturers & Suppliers

Cantilever storage racks constitute a specialised form of storage designed to handle lengthy, bulky items that can be tough to keep on traditional shelving. The distinguishing function of cantilever racks is the extended arms sticking out from vertical columns, creating an open and accessible storage system. Our racks are especially well-suited for industries working with objects like lumber, pipes, as well as furniture. One of the key benefits of Santech Sheet Metals’ cantilever storage racks is their versatility in accommodating items of various lengths and sizes. The absence of horizontal obstructions allows for easy loading and unloading of materials, making them a perfect pick for warehouses dealing with irregularly shaped stock. The adjustable hands provide flexibility to adapt the rack configuration based totally on the unique necessities of the stored objects.

Efficient area utilisation is another amazing feature of Santach Sheet Metals’ cantilever racks. The open layout allows for excessive visibility and accessibility to stored objects, reducing the time required for stock retrieval. This no longer enhances operational efficiency but contributes to a safer working environment by minimising the hazard of injuries during material handling. Our cantilever storage racks are designed to resist heavy loads, ensuring the secure storage of giant substances. This load-bearing capacity is crucial in industries wherein large and heavy objects are common. The sturdy construction of our racks and regular usage of long-lasting substances like steel enhance their durability and longevity.


Optimal storage solution for light-duty to heavy-duty applications

They can easily hold lumber, furniture, tubes, fabric rolls, and pipes.

Designed and engineered to offer stability, superior strength, and safety.

The surface is treated with Powder Coat for a scratch-resistance finish.

Cantilever Racks - Custom Storing Solution

Santech Sheet Metal is one of the leading premium-quality Cantilever Rack Manufacturers & suppliers. Cantilever Industrial Storage Racks can save you effort and money at the same time. We would be happy to associate with you to serve premium quality according to your requirements at the best prices.

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