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Accessories, Baskets Etc. For Patient Monitor Stands

Santech Sheet Metal provides extraordinary clinical device add-ons designed to enhance the benefits and functionality of patient care. Our baskets and stands for video display units and patients are crafted from robust substances, making long-lasting performance suitable for hospitals, clinics, and different healthcare facilities. Our variety of accessories consists of reveal stands for containing and putting affected persons’ video display units, baskets for storing and establishing scientific materials, and other important factors for patient care. These accessories are an essential issue of the device stock in any clinical facility because of their sleek design and simplicity of storing. Choose our Accessories, Baskets, Etc. For Patient Monitor Stands for organised resources and most suitable reveal placement.

Our Accessories, Baskets Etc. For patients, Monitor Stands are a great option if you need baskets to keep your supplies organised or monitor stands to set patient monitors at the perfect height. To find out more about our goods and how they may help your medical facility, get in touch with us right away.


Enhanced medical care

Developed to enhance patient care by giving medical equipment and supplies a handy workplace.

Choices for customization

In order to specifically suit the needs of our clients, we provide customisation possibilities.

Sturdy materials

To guarantee enduring performance, we use strong materials to create our products.

Easy to maintain

A hygienic atmosphere for patients and workers is ensured by the smooth and flat surface.

#1 Medical Furniture Manufacturer & Supplier In India

We at Santech Sheet Metal Company are aware that no two healthcare facilities are alike. We provide customization choices for our medical furniture in order to satisfy the unique needs of our clients. Our team of skilled engineers and technicians can work with you to build a solution that satisfies your particular needs, whether you require a certain size, shape, or other special characteristics.

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