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MS Industrial Trolleys are important additives in material handling processes, presenting a mobile and efficient way of transporting items inside industrial settings. These trolleys, produced from Mild Steel (MS), benefit manoeuvrability, load-bearing ability, and the usual streamlining of material handling with operations. One of the primary benefits of MS industrial trolleys is their contribution to more suitable mobility in material handling. These trolleys are designed with wheels or casters, allowing them to move smoothly across manufacturing unit flooring or warehouse spaces. This mobility reduces the need for manual carrying of products, minimising physical strain on workers and enhancing overall performance. The load-bearing potential is a critical aspect of the design of MS industrial trolleys. Our trolleys are engineered to address heavy weights, making them suitable for transporting heavy materials or products within an industrial setting. The strong construction of Mild Steel guarantees our trolleys can withstand the needs of dynamic and often challenging work surroundings.

Versatility in design is another notable feature of Santech Sheet Metals’ MS industrial trolleys. Depending on the precise necessities of the industry, our trolleys can be available in numerous configurations, including platform trolleys, cage trolleys, or custom-designed solutions. This adaptability allows businesses to select trolleys that align with their unique material handling requirements. Safety considerations are inherent in the layout of our MS industrial trolleys. These trolleys include features consisting of brakes or locking mechanisms that are frequently included to make certain balance through loading and unloading techniques. Additionally, ergonomic designs contribute to the overall protection of workers, reducing the chance of accidents related to manual material handling.


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We are a client-centred Organisation; therefore, our focus is on fulfilling all their requirements effectively. Our clients appreciate our timely delivery of products and the flexibility of our services. Our range is available in various designs and sizes, which are customisable as per the requirement of our clients.

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