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Mild Steel Doors

Santech Sheet Metals’ MS doors, made from Mild Steel, provide a steady, long-lasting, and visually appealing option for each residential and business area. Unlike wood doorways, MS doorways provide superior protection, toughness, and resistance to diverse environmental situations. The advantages encompass structural integrity, low upkeep necessities, and the ability to customise designs to suit one-of-a-kind architectural styles. Our Mild Steel is known for its strength, making it a perfect material for your doors requiring enhanced protection. The durability of MS doors ensures toughness, reducing the want for regular replacements and contributing to standard cost-effectiveness.

Enhanced security is a key feature of MS doors. The strength and resistance of Mild Steel make it challenging to breach, imparting a stable barrier for residential and commercial places. This feature is specifically vital in programs in which security is a top priority, including entrance doorways for houses or steady areas within construction. Unlike timber doors that can be susceptible to rot, pests, or warping, MS doors are resistant to such issues. Regular cleaning and occasional protection make certain that MS doorways retain their functionality and look over time, lowering the need for great upkeep. The flexibility of Santech Sheet Metals’ Mild Steel allows for numerous design possibilities, which include numerous shapes, sizes, and finishes. This customisation ensures that MS doors can complement the general architectural style of a building, contributing to its aesthetic enchantment.



Can be customised to fit the unique needs and preferences of the customer.

Aesthetic appeal

MS doors add a sleek and modern look to any property, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.

Easy maintenance

Easy to maintain and only require occasional cleaning and lubrication for smooth functioning.


Equipped with lock systems that are difficult to pick up or break, ensuring the premises’ safety.

Leading Provider Of Customised MS Architectural Solutions

Visit Santech Sheet Metal to Discover Quality & Customization” Santech Sheet Metal is committed to providing world-class solutions for all of your architecture and interior demands as the top manufacturer and supplier of MS architectural materials. We offer the knowledge and skills to suit your requirements, from roofing to doors to office partitions. For the best customised solutions for your upcoming project, count on Santech Sheet Metal.

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