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Gondola Rack

Our gondola rack is a stalwart in retail, presenting a versatile and modular shelving solution. Its double-sided layout allows for efficient space utilisation and strategic placement inside shops. Santech Sheet Metals’ gondola racks are recognised for their adaptability, accommodating a wide range of merchandise from groceries to electronics. The modular nature of these racks enables organisations to configure them based on the design of your store, creating an organised and visually appealing shopping environment.

One of the standout capabilities of our gondola display rack is its double-sided layout. This design maximises area utilisation by permitting merchandise to be displayed on both facets of the rack. This feature is specifically tremendous for shops with high foot traffic, as it guarantees that customers see a larger variety of products at any given time. Adaptability is a key theme emphasised in the provided statistics. Our gondola display racks are flexible in accommodating diverse product types and sizes. This flexibility makes them appropriate for many retail settings, from grocery stores to electronics shops. The modular nature of our gondola racks lets owners regulate the shelving configuration based totally on the unique necessities of their inventory.

Efficient area utilisation is a critical consideration for shops, and our gondola racks excel in this regard. By creating pathways and specific areas for precise product categories, retailers can optimise the flow of foot traffic and enhance your overall shopping experience. The adaptability of our gondola display racks extends beyond product display. The modular components of these racks permit companies to reconfigure them without difficulty accommodating changing inventory or promotions. This agility is important in the dynamic retail world, permitting companies to reply speedily to market trends and customer demands.


Because there are no complicated wall-mounted fittings, they are easy to assemble.

They provide the greatest flexibility because the units can be moved around the store easily.

They are produced per customer specifications and available at competitive prices to boost visual marketing.

The excellent structure assures endurance, resistance to corrosion, and a pleasing appearance.


Gondola Racks For Accessible Displaying Of Items

Our clients come from a diverse range of industries. Therefore a traditional design would hardly ever be able to meet their particular requirements. We offer product customisation in order to more effectively fulfil customer needs.

The gondola display racks’ raw material, size, form, style, and technology may all be customised to meet specific needs. The finished product is reasonably durable and satisfies the needs of your business.

Contact us to place an order for versatile display racks that are customised for your store.

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